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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Technical Documents

1” Valve Set 

This Drawing details the size of the 1" connection manifold typically used and located on a water main or after a pump. If this doesn't fit, don't worry, we can always make one to suit the location available. This would typically be located under a kitchen sink or under stairs cupboard.

Aico EI168 RC wireless receiver base for wireless linking

Aico EI408 Wireless sender module

Hard Wired Aico Ei129 Trigger module Connection

These three modules link a standard smoke detection system to the sprinkler system. Don't worry, they won't accidentally set of the sprinklers if you burn the toast one day! They are all input receiving items that take a signal from the flow switch on the sprinkler system and raise the alarm if there is a fire in the property. 

ideally you want to choose the hard wired option (Aico EI129) but if that's not possible your electrician will need to purchase both the Aico Ei408 and 168RC to make a wireless connection

Fire Sprinkler Pump Watchdog

This piece of Kit is included in our pump price. There are a few alternative pieces of kit which are more sophisticated and can be upgraded to dependant on the requirements of the project and usually Free of charge. well always let you know in the handover documents which one we install. it is there to protect the pump and ensure it self tests at least once a week to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

South West Water Fire Sprinkler Installation Policy

South West water Sprinkler System – Mains Fed Shared drawing 

Wessex Water Fire Sprinkler Installation Policy

These documents outline the latest guidance to installing a new water main and obtaining a water main connection. usually a 32mm main will be required to run a house but sometimes due to distance of a drive way or use of the property a larger main is required. 

Residential Fire Sprinkler System

Should you wish to install a tank and pump remotely from the property this drawing should provide clear guidance. The pipe work will freeze if its too high and so has to comply with the same regulations as if you were obtaining a new mains connection from either Wessex or South west water. This guidance is put in place to ensure the system will remain operational at all times.  

Flow Switch Wiring Diagram

Pumped Mains Sprinkler Wiring Diagram

These two typical wiring diagrams are based on kit we may sometimes provide, in any case Domestic Sprinklers Devon and Somerset will wire the system in as long as the wiring infrastructure is put in place. We require the power terminating with an un-switched spur and the alarm trigger link should be clearly labelled. we can liaise with your electricians on the project and ensure we all know what we are doing. if you don't have an electrician. We have one we can let you use for an extra charge.  

Viking Technical Data – Freedom Residential Concealed Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler VK480

Viking Technical Data – Freedom Residential Concealed Pendent Sprinkler VK494

These are the two main heads we install, they will be include within the operations manual when we hand over.

The VK494 is ceiling mounted and the VK480 is wall mounted. Both fully concealed and the covers shouldn't be painted or filled. This will prevent them from operating. 

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